English Grammar Game

Online RPG game

GramMars Wars

Learn grammar while playing.
GramMars Wars is the first online RPG game where you will use your grammar skills to beat the alien invasion.

Combat by trial

Dynamic battles
Or perhaps combat by quiz, based on your answers' speed and accuracy, your team experiments damaged will be boosted.


By correctly answering English grammar questions, you will increase your commander points and rank against other players.

Watch the trailer

Not convinced? Watch the game in motion in this 60 seconds trailer. The animations and graphics will blow you away.


Collect and build a team of experiments

As you play, you will capture different experiments that you can use, level-up, and evolve to become more powerful.


Learning Objectives

GramMars Wars is a compilation of grammar concepts, from parts of the speech like Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, and Modifiers to sentence composition, tenses, and orthography.