Learning Objectives

Lifelong Companion

We aspire to become a lifelong companion for the grammarian. We currently cover topics from the part of the speech, tenses, and sentence composition.

Thanks to our online backend system, we keep updating the content regularly.

Learning Standards

We want to be educator friendly, so we cover many concepts from Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. We also work effortlessly to include more questions; our objective is to classify and have standardized test content like the ACT, GRE, and many others.


  • Nouns
  • Collective Compound Common
    Concrete Abstract Proper
    Possessive Plural
  • Pronouns
  • Agreement Relative Interrogative
    Possessive Object Subject
    Reflexive Demonstrative Indefinite
  • Verbs
  • Intransitive Forms Modal
    Linking Physical Abstract
    Helping Irregular Transitive
  • Modifiers
  • Irregular Adjective Conjunctions Interrogative Adverbs
    Prepositions Articles Adjectives
    Compound Adjective Adverbs Conjunctive Adverb
    Possessive Adjective
  • Tenses
  • Past Perfect Present Perfect Future Perfect
    Past Simple Present Simple Future Simple
    Present Continuous Past Continuous Future Continuous
  • Miscellaneous
  • Sentence Parts Knowledge Questions Passive
    Negative Statements