Gameplay Features

Combat System

We feature a unique combat system where you, as a commander, need to answer grammar quizzes to defeat the alien.

Based on your team level, accuracy, and time, your performance will determine your damage.


We have many many questions, each represented by a different alien you will combat.

Make sure you strategize before battle to beat the right attribute and strength, such as using gravity experiments to defeat electric aliens.

Just in Time Learning

You might get stuck during battle if you don't recall a concept. Worries not, by using some of your experiment skills, you will be able to get a small learning modal summarizing the concept, so you don't have to open your textbooks again.

Campaign Mode

During the campaign, you will have to clear zones; each zone introduces a new learning objective through their levels. Further zones will also throw at you previous questions to keep recalling content as you play.


Victory or defeat, and based on performance, you will get; Qubits to purchase new experiments, Experience Points to level up your team, and Prestige Points to rank against other players.

Build a team

Collect and craft your team. You will need to get the most powerful and join them together to ensure synergy. Like a gravity team using a leader that will buff the attack of all his members.

Level-up and Evolve

Cards will gain experience points as you battle with them. Once they become powerful enough and collect the right crafting materials, you will evolve them into more powerful and rare versions.